Where can I listen to Bunbury 103.7FM?

103.7FM is available on your radio within the Greater Bunbury region.   Online, you can listen at www.bunburycommunityradio.com or stream via the iHeart Radio app.

What kind of music do you play?

Our general playlist includes a wide variety of music from the 60’s to today, including local South West songs and tracks from new West Australian artists.   We have many specialist programmes that provide a variety of nostalgia music shows, jazz, folk, blues, rock, metal, kids music, dance music, country and a spiritual programme.   Take a look at our Programme Guide to find the shows that suit your taste.

How can I get my music played on your station?

We play local South West music as well as new West Australian songs as part of our playlist. You can email your information and tracks to [email protected] 

If you are an Australian musician, you can also access a wide network of community radio stations via the AMRAP Airit Project (airit.org.au).

How can I advertise with 103.7FM?

Please email [email protected], message us on Facebook, or head to the Sponsorship page for further information.

How do I help the station financially?

We’d love for you to support the station through an annual membership or donation.

I want to become a volunteer. What can I do?

Bunbury Community Radio has opportunities for volunteers in a range of roles.   We have roles for on-air presenters; while off-air we have plenty of opportunities as well, reception, administration, finance, sales, traffic management, governance, grant writing and so much more.   Head over to the Volunteer page for more information or contact us for a chat.

Do you take requests?

Yes we do in some programmes.  If there’s something you would like to hear, you can contact us via SMS on 0448 057 916 and we will do our best to play your request.

Do you offer podcasts of your shows?

A podcast of Brutal is available each week.  Go to Brutal Facebook page.

I would like to promote my event or organisation.

If you are an NFP, send details to [email protected] and we will include it in our free community segment, The Grapevine, heard twice an hour throughout the day.   If you have a business event coming up, talk to us about sponsorship announcements (radio ads).

Is Bunbury Community Radio Inc. not for profit?

Yes we are a not for profit, community broadcaster.   We are run by volunteers.

How can I donate to 103.7FM?

If you would like to donate funds to the station, email us at        [email protected].     Another way to financially support the station is through an annual membership.

I have a compliment, comment or complaint about the station.

We welcome feedback of all kinds. Please contact us at   [email protected] and we will take your feedback on board.

Do you take Work Experience Students?

Yes we do, however we have some limited opportunities due to the operational and legal requirements of such positions.   Contact us at [email protected]  

I have a programme idea that I would like to present.

To be part of the station, you must be a member and will be made welcome.   We encourage new and diverse programming.   See the Members and Volunteers page and contact at [email protected].