Ron Tait

Ron Tait

A broadcaster for over 40 years, Ron has covered all the territory.   He started in commercial radio, then the ABC and now community radio, hosting the Breakfast Show 4-days a week.

Jeff Macnish

Presenting the Morning Show 4-days a week, and getting up early on Wednesday’s for the Breakfast Show, Jeff is also Chairman of the Board of Management and is the station’s IT guru.

Jeff Parvin

Jeff Parvin

Jeff’s was the first live voice on the station hosting Magical Musical Tour; and he’s still going with his Thursday night programme, as well as hosting the Lunchbox Show several days a week.

Steve Ingram

Steve Ingram

Steve is one of the hosts of the Lunchbox Show, as well as filling in whenever our presenters are unavailable to keep the station live and local.

Sharon Kennedy

Sharon Kennedy

A broadcaster with decades of experience spanning commercial, public and community radio, Sharon is the regular host of the Wednesday Morning Show and the Folk Hour on Sunday afternoons at 4pm.

Greg Baker

As a FIFO worker, when he flys out from work, Greg flys into the studio and as DJ Bakes, is one of the co-presenters of the Lunchbox Show.

Brayden Green

Bradyn Green

Bradyn has been providing support for our Lunchbox Show team for many weeks and now has his own show Rockapedia during the Lunchbox Show on Thursdays from 1:30pm to 2pm.

Jesse Dagostino

Jesse is on air at both Harvey and Bunbury Community Radio, winning an Award for one of his programmes.    He is heard weekdays at 2.30pm on Sing and Dance with Jesse.

Joanne Field

One of the younger presenters on the station, Joanne presents Evolution; her own take on the music of recent decades; heard Mondays between 3pm and 5pm.

Michael Colvin

He was on a community radio station in Perth and after relocating to the South West, joined the team at Bunbury 103.7, presenting Little Green Bag on Monday evenings.

Josie Arnold

A 10-year veteran at Curtin FM, her move to the South West led her to Bunbury 103.7 and her role as the host of Sentimental Evening, heard Tuesday nights from 6pm.

Jim Harte

He’s an Irishman; a singer/songwriter with his songs heard on the station; and he’s a radio presenter.   Hear Jim Wednesday evenings at 5pm with Music on the Move and on Sunday at 5pm for All that Jazz.

Ben Jauncey

He was the second presenter to host a programme on the station back in 2015.   Ben Jauncey has presented BRUTAL, his metal and punk show, on Wednesday evenings at 8pm without a break since then.

Enzo Fantasia

One of the 3-member JET Team, Enzo brings his passion for blues and rock to the station each Thursday from 5pm for two-hours of Enzo’s Classic Blues and Rock.

Tony Fantasia

Hosting Beautiful Noise on Friday afternoons; and part of the JET Team (Jeff Parvin, Enzo Fantasia and Tony), Tony is on air Friday afternoons for 3-hours from 3pm.

Al Kennedy

Al Kennedy

Al has presented several shows on the station, with his current offering heard Friday evenings from 7pm to 9pm.    Kennedy’s Country presents country songs from Australia and the world.

Gary Donovan

Gary Donovan

An amateur actor and now a presenter on Bunbury 103.7, Gary presents his Saturday morning programme from 7am, Breakfast with Gazza.

Neil Hatchett

Bruiser Hatchett hit the airwaves in Bunbury in 2018 with Bruiser’s Hits of 90’s; then Aussie 180 until October 2019 when he commenced with Saturday Morning’s With Bruiser form 9am to 12pm.

Ron Moffat

Ron Moffat has been in the radio industry in the Bunbury region for over 40 years and joined Bunbury 103.7 in 2017. He now hosts the Lazy Sunday Show from 9am to 11am each Sunday morning.

Peter Eisenhammer

Peter was a DJ on the east coast; and 103.7FM is his first foray into broadcasting. His quirky take on music is on display with his Sunday afternoon show, The Tom Club.   

Kris Schillag

One half of the team that presents the Folk Hour on Sundays from 4pm, Kris joined Bunbury 103.7 after several decades as a part-time producer at the ABC.

Sigari Luckwell

Sigari is on-air every second Sunday evening from 7pm to 9pm with her spiritual offering, Free Spirit, highlighting the happenings for the spirit in the South West with a mix of music and talk.