Some recent changes to our transmission to incorporate digital information for car radios appears to have created a problem for some makes of cars, especially Mazda which has a setting called “Alternative Frequency On/Off”. This is a feature used mainly in Europe to allow cars to automatically switch between transmitters for the same station when driving on long distances.

We have found that this may cause the car radio to shift from our station to another station such as Harvey or Donnybrook Community Radio for a short period. To fix this problem change the setting for “Alternative Frequency” to Off. This can be found in your radio menu options under settings. If you’re not sure seek help from the car manufacturuer.

We apologize for any inconvenience but once our antennae is fixed after the ligtning strike the increased signal strength will also help with this problem.

The new antennae has now been installed thanks to Malcolm Ashworth pictured here in the man cage. A long days work.