Bunbury 103.7 has now purchased their own tower and transmitter site. This new site is 230m west of our current CipherTel tower. The new tower site is also 10m higher above sea. The tower is over 50m high and will allow us to finally install our new antennae at a higher level.

The new antennae is designed to amplify our broadcast signal by a factor of four. This means that our 2kW transmitter will have a broadcast signal strength of over 8kW. Currently we are only broadcasting at 1.3kW so we hope that this new installation will make a significant difference to the signal strength.

Exciting times for Bunbury Community Radio

The new antennae has now been installed thanks to Malcolm Ashworth pictured here in the man cage. A long days work. Check out our facebook page for a video of the installation process.

The next phase is to re-locate our transmitter to this new site. Hopefully very soon.